How can I go on??


Many times in life we expierence difficult situations that causes us to become broken hearted and downcast in our spirit. It can be a death of a love one, heartbreak, end of a friendship, lost of a job…. It’s so many things that can cause us to lose heart.

When you go through things and find yourself growing weary, remind yourself of what Psalm 34:18 say. God is close to those that are broken hearted and crushed in spirit. When we go through things a lot of times we pull away from loved ones…. and at times we even pull away from the One that can truly put the life back into us. GOD!!

I want to encourage you today if you find yourself in the middle of a wilderness season. Don’t isolate or allow yourself to grow depressed. I always say… Think yourself happy!!! If you focus on your troubles long enough I can assure you.. you’ll grow stressed and depressed.

Sis, it won’t last always…. Better days are ahead! While going through…. Allow it to prune, transform, and mold you into a stronger, wiser, and  more mature believer in Christ.


Stay at the foot of the throne casting ALL of your cares unto the Lord. He will lift you up and deliver you at the appointed time. We must remain in prayer, CONSTANTLY asking the Lord to guide and strengthen us. When we are weak… HE is strong for us.

As you go through your day…. find things to be grateful for, pour into someone else life, and be intentional in shining your light for others to see. It’s ok to have your moment but dont unpack there. Shake the dust under your feet and KEEP GOING!

Keep pressing! God has not forgotten about you!

Love, Miracle!


Think myself happy

As I rolled out of bed this morning.. tears begin to roll down my face. Back pain, migraine, on top of growing impatient in waiting for direction from God….. I found my soul becoming more and more saddened and distressed.


Psalm 42:11 dropped in my spirit. I had to press a reset button on my spirit. Yes my body is hurting, yes I need God to speak to me concerning a matter, yes my heart had grown weary….. YET, I will praise my God!!

I had to literally think myself happy. If you’re feeling the same way, I encourage you to do the same. I’m reminded by all the people who are going through things that my situation can’t compare to…. I’m reminded by the people whose home had become under a loud busy bridge. I’m reminded by those that have to dig out of a garbage in order to eat.

If you’re feeling down, I pray that you find hope in the Lord. I pray that you choose to think yourself happy despite what you’re going through at the moment….. because that’s all that it is. A MOMENT THAT WILL SOON PAST AWAY.

Love, Miracle!

An out cast, but never cast out


Have you ever felt like an outcast in a room full of people? Do you find yourself never being able to “fit in” with the crowd? It doesn’t matter how much you try to be cool, outgoing, and spontaneous… you always find yourself away from the crowd feeling like you don’t belong.

Don’t allow not “fitting in” to be a doorway for the enemy to slide his scheming, lying, and disruptive voice into your mind. He’ll whisper things in your ear like. “No-one likes you”, ” You’re not good enough for them”, “you’ll be a loner all your life”. You see, Satan wants to distract you. He wants to make you think you have to be who others want you to be in order to fit in.  He wants you to become like this world and it’s standards.

The Bible says in Romans 12:2 “do not conform to the pattern of this world”…. that simply means not to change who you are, how God made you, and the light that shines through you to blend in with this fleeting world. As believers we are to live a life set apart from those that are of this world (non believers/workers of iniquity). If we are blending in with this world, how are we living a life to show others the fruit of who God is?

I recently begin to notice my own season of separation, loneliness, and feeling like an outcast. Satan whispered lies into my mind years ago of how no one loved me. I had to cast down the thoughts that the enemy had been placing in my mind for years. If you listen to the lies long enough…. trust me, Satan will no longer have to tell you those lies because you’ll believe them without him having to tell you.


Sis, you were created to be set apart and to do the will of your father in Heaven. How do I know that!?!? Jeremiah 1:5 says that while we were still being created in our mothers womb we were being set apart by God. To be used for His glory and to carry out His plans for our lives.

When we feel like we are an outcast,  we often times allow ourselves to be treated any kind of way… whether it’s through friendships,  relationships,  co workers, or even strangers out of fear off being rejected. I’m sure people considered Jesus an outcast. Jesus wasn’t walking around concerned about who didn’t like Him, who was talking about Him behind His back, or even trying to conform to others in order to “fit in”. Jesus realized He was on an assignment and His priority was to do the will of His Father. I don’t know about you sis but I’m striving to be focused the way Jesus was.

I know how hard it is to always feel left out, but I encourage you to not allow your soul to be downcast. Place your hope in God and go to Him in prayer… ask that He send you GODLY friendships that won’t compromise your morals, support you, intercede on your behalf, and ones that will hold you accountable and push you towards God rather than away from Him.

I love ya’ll so much and I pray that whenever you feel like an outcast, that you find joy in knowing that you’re never an cast out by God. Be set apart and let your light shine brighter than it ever has! The right people will be drawn to you and will appreciate all that you are and all that you have to offer. Besides.. God never intended for you to “fit in” so don’t waste you’re time trying. It’s the Lord that adds and subtracts in our life. Be patient and the right people at the right time will love you, for you!!!

Keep your faith strong, the light of your lives shining bright, and keep inspiring souls where your go!

Love, Miracle!!!