New Video!!

Hey Ya’ll!!! I wanted to remind you about my youtube channel. (link here or click the video below to watch my latest video. Stay connected with me there as well.. Make sure you subscribe. As always thank you all soooooo much for EVERYTHING!!!!


2 thoughts on “New Video!!

  1. My ex walked out on me last fall. I was consumed w/work & my mom’s cancer diagnosis. We got in a fight about nothing. It escalated and he walked out and never came back. He started dating a new girl three days later and married her 2-3 months later. I just knew he was my husband. We were supposed to get married.Watching him go off and get married and live the life we were supposed to live has been painful. I’ve always desired a husband and a family. How do you trust the process when it seems like others around you are being blessed with everything you desire especially someone who hurt you so bad? How can god allow him to be so happy yet bring so much pain to my life? I know I was a good woman.


    • Sis, I’ve learned through SO many heartaches that God was only protecting me. Though your ex may be a good man…. He just wasn’t God’s best for YOU! Heart aches hurt. Trust me I know but I want to encourage you to let good that relationship and what could have been. When we focus on the hurt, pain, and what we thought was for us we lose sight on God and all the many blessings he wants to shower us with. You’ve have to let go of the hurt and the lifeyou planned with him sis. What we go through doesn’t always feel good but when its all over you’ll look back on it and thank Him. I love you sis. Stay encouraged and keep pressing 🤗


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