I can’t turn back now


Gosh, you ever been hit so hard by an unexpectant life tragedy that it literally felt like it took the wind out of your lungs? The kind of pain that knocks you to your knees. What do you do? How do you cope? Who do you blame? What/who do you use to comfort you through the pain? Are you clinging to God through it all, looking for the next escape route, or contemplating going back to what was comfortable?

While walking through what seems like the worse season of my life… I found myself finding comfort in the things God had already delivered me from. I found myself fantasizing over the futile void fillers that I KNOW hold no true value in my life. “I should just go back to turning up?” “Why dont I just take a few shots to help forget about my troubles?”

You see when we experience things in our life we have a choice on how we choose to handle it. We can let it destroy us… we can let it define us.. or we can let it refine, develop, and mature us. To often in the midst of the fire we make poor decisions. We stop going to church! We begin questioning God and His plans for our life. We forget how powerful He is. We forget how many times we felt lost and His sovereign  hand was our guide. We forget that if He did it before He can literally do it again, again, and again!!!

While I laid out crying out to God completely broken, contemplating quiting on Him all together if He didn’t speak to me RIGHT NOW the Holy Spirit led me to read about the Israelites.  I thought to myself… “What can I possibly learn from such rebellious, complaining, and ungrateful group of people right now.” Nevertheless, I cracked my bible open and talk about the Lord wrecking your whole life and getting you together. He’s so faithful!!!

While studying… I saw the countless ways God showed up for the Israelites and delivered them out of Egypt. The Israelites cried out to God and He heard them. After Pharaohs heart was continuously hardened and he refused to let the Israelites go..God forced His hand and Pharaoh set them free. God parted the red sea to help His people escape the hands of the Egyptians. While in the wilderness of sin the Israelites begin to complain and even became rebellious against the instructions of God… and to add fuel to the fire they complained so much and was filled with so much ungratefulness that they often times told moses he should have left them in Egypt.

You may be thinking. “How in the world does that apply to me and my situation.” Im glad you asked😏

How many times does God have to deliver you out of your troubles.. only for you to question if he’s able the next time something happens in your life? How many times does God have to provide and supply your every NEED only for you to mummur and complain because you don’t like the way He provided? How many times do we contemplate or even go back to our “Egypt” after God delivers us from it time and time again?

Our wilderness seasons are the perfect place for our character to be tested. It’s the perfect place for our faith to be refined. Difficult situations often leads to complaining. Hey, it’s a natural response! The Israelites didn’t really want to go back to Egypt. They were treated so harshly back there. They only wanted an easy escape from their troubles.

So I want to encourage. DON’T TURN BACK NOW!!! Don’t go back to your “Egypt” (clubbing, drunkensess, fornication, depression, bad relationships, or whatever else) because it was “comfortable”. Stay faithful to God and prove to Him that you’re not giving Him lip service when everything is up in your life. We say “God I trust you” “Send me I’ll go” “Use me Lord” “I trust You” but the moment the fire comes to test your faith and build you into true maturity in Christ we run, hide, and show God that our words has no true value.

When the pressure comes, resist the temptation to make a quick escape.  I encourage you to remain focused on God and trust that He is sovereign and He knows exactly what He is doing and NOTHING that is going on in your life caught Him by surprise. Keep pressing, let him carry you through it, remain faithful to Him as He bring you out, so you can encourage others that are still going through.

I love you all so much! Stay encouraged. I’m praying with you and for you ALWAYS.





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