Life update…. where have I been?!?


Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! You guys I feel like I haven’t blogged in forevvvvvveeeerrrr!!! I missed sharing my heart with you guys sooo much. But, I’M BACK!! Ok, so where have I been?? Life hit me you guys… and when I say it hit me it hit like a bus going 100 mph reversed and hit me AGAIN! A little dramatic? Yeah, a little lol but it’s so true. So over the past 5-6 months I had to take a step back and get ME together. It’s my passion and what I believe my life purpose to love, empower, and inspire others BUT I relaized I coudn’t give what I didn’t have. My personal life was falling apart while I kept a poker face and pretended as if I was fine.

So, 5-6 months later here I am! I found myself again through seeking Christ FIRST! I rededicated my life back to my Abba Father (God)! I stopped self destructing and embraced to the pruining that needed to take place in order for me to thrive the way God intended on me to. God restored my broken marriage and gave us a fresh love for one another to be able to love and forgive in order to move forward. God is so faithful…. I’ve literaly seen a new love of God through my marriage but that’s another testimony for another day lol. Last but certainly not least my husband and I relocated to Houston, Tx!!! AAHHHHHHHH!!!! Can you believe it?!? I still wake up like “Am I really here”?

So of course my life has been pretty hectic lately but I wanted to get back to doing what I love the most. Blogging and my youtube videos make sure you check out my channel. (miracle henry).

Ok! So, i think that’s it lol. I literally just wanted to update you guys on why I’ve been abscent but I’m super excited to be back. Love you guys so much



Don’t You Dare Shrink Back


Sis, I want to take the time to encourage you to NOT SHRINK BACK! Often times we become intimidated by others success, looks, or status. Maybe someone you THINK is more beautiful and successful than you causes you to shrink back. Maybe you failed at a task you worked really hard on and you found yourself shrinking back out of shame. Maybe someone broke your heart and because that rejection made you feel unworthy… you shrunk back. Maybe you’re standing firm on your faith… people, life, and the troubles it brings tempts you to shrink back because you think life would be much easier if you just laid low.

Sis, don’t you dare shrink back. We are to stand bodly in our identity in Christ Jesus! We are to be bold for our Lord. We can not shrink back because of the intimidation of this world. My prayer is that God is raising us up (and we respond) to be a generation that is unwilling to compromise. Unwilling to succumb to what this world offers us knowing that it only offers temporary pleasures. Unwilling to shrink back whenever faced with hardships.

I pray that you always remember who you are and who you belong to. When we are incapable our God is always able. When we are weak His strength works best through us. Don’t you dare shrink back!!! Dont you dare believe the lies the enemy offers you! Dont you dare compromise! Dont you dare accept false affirmation! Dont you dare settle for futile love when God is offering you an everlasting love that never changes.

I know how hard it can be not to shrink back when everything you see intimidates you and goes against the truth of everything you know God has spoken in his word. Sis, I know it’s easy to want to shrink back when people challenge your faith and the evidence in your life isn’t matching up to the promises of God AT THAT PRESENT MOMENT!!! Sis, I KNOW!!!! BUT, I need you stand bodly and not shrink back no matter what you see with your natural eye. We can’t see what God is doing but we can be confident in knowing that He is always at work in our lives. We just have to make the choice to have faith and know that ALL things will work for our good.


Sis I love you soooooo much and I’m praying with you and for you!!!