Life update…. where have I been?!?


Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! You guys I feel like I haven’t blogged in forevvvvvveeeerrrr!!! I missed sharing my heart with you guys sooo much. But, I’M BACK!! Ok, so where have I been?? Life hit me you guys… and when I say it hit me it hit like a bus going 100 mph reversed and hit me AGAIN! A little dramatic? Yeah, a little lol but it’s so true. So over the past 5-6 months I had to take a step back and get ME together. It’s my passion and what I believe my life purpose to love, empower, and inspire others BUT I relaized I coudn’t give what I didn’t have. My personal life was falling apart while I kept a poker face and pretended as if I was fine.

So, 5-6 months later here I am! I found myself again through seeking Christ FIRST! I rededicated my life back to my Abba Father (God)! I stopped self destructing and embraced to the pruining that needed to take place in order for me to thrive the way God intended on me to. God restored my broken marriage and gave us a fresh love for one another to be able to love and forgive in order to move forward. God is so faithful…. I’ve literaly seen a new love of God through my marriage but that’s another testimony for another day lol. Last but certainly not least my husband and I relocated to Houston, Tx!!! AAHHHHHHHH!!!! Can you believe it?!? I still wake up like “Am I really here”?

So of course my life has been pretty hectic lately but I wanted to get back to doing what I love the most. Blogging and my youtube videos make sure you check out my channel. (miracle henry).

Ok! So, i think that’s it lol. I literally just wanted to update you guys on why I’ve been abscent but I’m super excited to be back. Love you guys so much



Don’t You Dare Shrink Back


Sis, I want to take the time to encourage you to NOT SHRINK BACK! Often times we become intimidated by others success, looks, or status. Maybe someone you THINK is more beautiful and successful than you causes you to shrink back. Maybe you failed at a task you worked really hard on and you found yourself shrinking back out of shame. Maybe someone broke your heart and because that rejection made you feel unworthy… you shrunk back. Maybe you’re standing firm on your faith… people, life, and the troubles it brings tempts you to shrink back because you think life would be much easier if you just laid low.

Sis, don’t you dare shrink back. We are to stand bodly in our identity in Christ Jesus! We are to be bold for our Lord. We can not shrink back because of the intimidation of this world. My prayer is that God is raising us up (and we respond) to be a generation that is unwilling to compromise. Unwilling to succumb to what this world offers us knowing that it only offers temporary pleasures. Unwilling to shrink back whenever faced with hardships.

I pray that you always remember who you are and who you belong to. When we are incapable our God is always able. When we are weak His strength works best through us. Don’t you dare shrink back!!! Dont you dare believe the lies the enemy offers you! Dont you dare compromise! Dont you dare accept false affirmation! Dont you dare settle for futile love when God is offering you an everlasting love that never changes.

I know how hard it can be not to shrink back when everything you see intimidates you and goes against the truth of everything you know God has spoken in his word. Sis, I know it’s easy to want to shrink back when people challenge your faith and the evidence in your life isn’t matching up to the promises of God AT THAT PRESENT MOMENT!!! Sis, I KNOW!!!! BUT, I need you stand bodly and not shrink back no matter what you see with your natural eye. We can’t see what God is doing but we can be confident in knowing that He is always at work in our lives. We just have to make the choice to have faith and know that ALL things will work for our good.


Sis I love you soooooo much and I’m praying with you and for you!!!

A Broken Heart Saved My Life!


Searching for love got my heart broken. Left with pieces of my heart shattered on the floor like broken pieces of a mirror is where the reality of my pain knocked me down like a ton of bricks. Soaking in a puddle of my own tears seemed to be the most comfortable place for me to reside. You would THINK one wouldn’t want to remember such pain. However, the place I am now looks back and embrace the painful memories of it all.

It was in that heartache where I discovered the toxic habits of searching for “love”, futile love that could never fulfill me. It was in that pain where I discovered nothing and no one would ever be able to heal the brokenness I tried so hard to cover up. It was in that puddle of tears where I found that God wipes every one of my tears and blesses those who mourn. It’s in those dark days where God comforted me the most.

If it had not been for the broken heart I wouldn’t know God like I do. I wouldn’t know Him to be a heart fixer if my heart never needed to be mended. I wouldn’t know He could be my peace if I wasn’t living in such chaos. I wouldn’t know Him to be my provider if I hadn’t needed Him to supply my every need after having to start my life completely over.

What I’m trying to convey to you is this…. What painful experience have you buried that had the power to save your life?!? Often times we want to shout from a place of victory but never want to go through anything to cause us to be victorious. You can’t heal what you refuse to confront. Often times while going through heartache instead of allowing God to mend what was broken and let the truth of His word penetrate our hearts we run to whatever we THINK will make us feel better. I’ve learned that the temporary relief from the pain (sex, drugs, alcohol, success, or whatever we choose to cope with) never brings lasting results. It’s not long before we’re back thirsty looking for ANYTHING to quench that thirst.

In a moment where I could have let rejection, heartache, and pain become my permanent reality… I chose to accept the facts of my situation but trust that my faith in God always goes against facts. So yes, you may be rejected by mere humans BUT you are fully accepted by God! Yes, your heart may be broken BUT you serve a God who is not afraid to stay close to the brokenhearted. Yes, you may have lost your job BUT you serve a God that supplies your EVERY need. You see with every lie of false identity that satan throws your way you have a BUT you can insert to throw in Gods TRUTH!!!

A broken heart saved my life because I accepted what WAS so that I could cast that at Gods feet so He could show me what could BE. A broken heart saved my life because the pain forced me into the arms of the one who gave His life for me to live. A broken heart saved my life because it stripped up the broken foundation I was standing on and forced me to accept my truth. What are you willing to accept and then cast at Gods feet to see the many possibilities He has in store for you? It’s painful but there is something so beautiful on the other side of it all.

Keep your faith strong, the light of your life shining bright, and keep inspiring souls wherever you go!

God loves you soooooo much and so do I!!


Healing the broken little girl within

Check out my latest YouTube video. Until you heal the broken little girl within….. the woman you are now will remain captive. HEAL HER NOW!!!!

Why Don’t you Love Me?


When we are desperate to find love and be loved we often times settle in relationships and friendships. We tend to give others the permission to love us based off how much THEY think we are worth. If we are not confident in our identity in Christ and if we don’t know our worth we will accept less than what we deserve. When we are not complete or dont get the feeling of fulfillment we ask them and even oursleves. “Why dont they love me?”

As women how often have we lowered our self worth to remain in a relationship that was obviously not good for us? How often do we remain the “wifey” and “main chick” all the while our MAN runs the streets with his sidekick while you PLAY house at home? How often do we stay in a abusive relationship (physical, mental, or verbal) because we believe the lie that he is sorry and never will do it again or oh…. catch this! Somehow it was OUR fault why he acted the way he did. So because we don’t know who we are we accept this treatment thinking this is the best we can do. We remain unfulfilled starving for love asking ourselves. “Why don’t he love me?”

We also find ourselves leaching off of our relationships and friendships. We’re starving for attention and love and when someone doesn’t live up to the expectations that we’ve placed on them we’re left brokenhearted and let down. When our girls cancel plans with us instead of just saying “hey, my sis was just busy or something must’ve come up” we take it personal and think she’s being funny. And again,  we ask ourselves “why dont they love me” or “why they do me like that” That’s because you are functioning from a broken place sis. People can not fulfill the longing in our hearts that is screaming out for love. We can’t place unrealistic expectations on people. They will let us down and they will hurt us!  Intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. Why?! Because we are mere humans and imperfect people saved by a perfect God by His never ending grace.

So while we are crying about why don’t “they” love me God is standing there with His arms wide open wondering… “Why does my daughter not love me?”

God is saying, “Daughter… I knew you before I ever formed you in your mother’s womb. Before your parents ever thought of you my plans for your life were already strategically thought out and planned. I made you in my image and you are MY masterpiece. In me you are FULLY loved, FULLY accepted, and FULLY cherished! There is no need for you to roam the earth LOOKING for love when I freely give you Mine. You are a daughter of a King and I need you to remember that you are the prize and you are to be sought out as the gift you are. Rest in me and know that there isn’t any love that someone can give you that can amount to the love that I fill you with. Human love will always leave you thirsting for more but the love I give quenches your thirst so that you never have to go looking again. I need you to LIVE LOVED. Live knowing that you are fully loved in me. If you live loved you won’t search the earth aimlessly for what you already have in Me!

Sis, I pray these words penetrate your heart in such a way that you never have to ask yourself “why don’t they love me?” again. When you are rejected by people don’t let that be an opportunity for satan to plant a seed in your mind that makes you identify yourself as being rejected, unlovable, or unworthy. We are so quick to accept the lie from satan but have such a hard time believing the truth that is found in Gods word. Know who you are and Whose you are and walk BODLY in that fact.

God loves you beyond your wildest dreams!

Thank you for reading. With love, Miracle!

Don’t lose sight of God


As I sit here reflecting a heavy moment  that I recently endured I felt compelled to share. Recently I found myself in a pretty tough position. Opposition all around me, mind overloaded with the issues of life, feeling defeated over doctor reports, body wracking with pain, and I slowly found myself upset, stressed out, and stuck out of fear from the storms raging around me.  I became overcome with such sadness and grief. How did I get here? How did I allow my mind to wonder off so far? How did I allow myself to waddle in the pit of my circumstances rather than stand strong in my faith? Again… how did I get here?

It took heavy digging but the conclusion was clear. I took my focus off of my God and placed them on my circumstances. Often times when we go through tough seasons we run. Run not to the Father who has all power to fix the impossible but we run and try to fix things only to find ourselves defeated because of our human weaknesses and limitations.

I was reminded by the story in the Bible when the disciples were in a boat experiencing a storm. One of the disciples..Peter, is called out of the boat onto the water and begins to walk towards Jesus. As Peter walks his eyes are focused on Jesus…. BUT as the storms around him are raging… like us Peter takes his focus off of Jesus and shifts his focus back to the storm and unsurprisingly Peter begins to sink. Of course Jesus reaches down to save him as Peter calls out for help. Jesus ask Peter “why do you have such little faith”?

Does that sound familiar? When we experience difficult times (storms) in our lives we may start off looking to Jesus but when the sprinkle of rain turns into pouring rain and the pouring rain turns into thunderstorms and the thunderstorms turns into flooding and maybe even tornadoes start to form we immediately shift our focus off Jesus and we begin to sink. Sink into worry! Sink into selfpity! Sink into depression! Sink deep into places that we never had to experience if we could have stood firm in our faith on the solid foundation Jesus so graciously gives rather trusting more in what we see with our natural eye which only leads us to sinking sand.

My question to you is this. When faced with your storm. Will you lose sight of God and focus on your storm or will you choose to remain faithful to a God that has remained faithful to you time and time again? He hasn’t failed you yet and I can assure you that you are not that special for God to lose his perfect record on you.

So hang on, keep fighting, keep praying, and keep believing!

Remember,  when you focus on your problems you lose sight of God! See pass what you see and trust that whatever you’re experiencing God ALWAYS works it out for your good.  Question is… will you change your perspective and stop looking at it from a victim mentality but from someone who is already a victor!

You must remain hopeful as you wait for the manifestation of your victory.

Keep your faith strong, the light of your life shining bright, and keep inspiring souls with the love of God!


He loves my flaws!


Often times we see our flaws and try our best to camaflauge them. In extreme cases some even result to plastic surgery when their flaws are physical. The flaws I hated most about myself was as follow.. Big head, big lips, big teeth, and big bags under my eyes. Whew! If you was to ask me a few years ago I would have told you that I HATED the way I looked. I would always get such sweet compliments from people but i was incapable of receiving them. Why? Because I didn’t see myself the way others including God saw me. I couldn’t get pass the “flaws” and negative mindset I formed against myself over the years.  Instead of embracing the way my Creator formed me with His mighty hands… I chose to imitate others in the way I talked, dressed, you name it… I was mimicking SOMETHING or somebody because in my eyes I was NEVER enough. I spent money on futile things trying to enhance the way I look only to still feel worthless. Why? Because my problem wasn’t external it was internal.

When I sit back and think about all the precious time I wasted trying to be someone else…. It hurts! The time we are given on this earth is only temporary… And to think I wasted any of it by not embracing ME is insulting. Not insulting to me but to my precious heavenly Father. My creator! The One who took His precious time molding and shaping me into His image. He is the potter and I am the clay… And I’m forever grateful NOW that He even took time to mold and shape me into His image. To allow ourselves to think as though we aren’t pretty enough, smart enough, or brave enough should be unthinkable to us. Unthinkable because we should see ourselevs through the lens of God’s eyes. The enemy would love for us to continue beating ourselves up over our flaws but I want to encourage you to embrace them and be unapologetically YOU!!! Unique in all your ways.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see someone with endless potential? Or are you incapable of seeing it? Do you only see yourself the last place you failed? Is your worth still non-existent because of someone else’s opinion of you? To often we place our value and worth in the hands of others then we’re left broken when they leave.

If you’re feeling bad about yourself and the flaws you carry I need you to look in the mirror, denounce the lies from Satan, turn that frown upside down,  and speak words of affirmation to yourself.  Remind yourself of who  you are, WHOSE you are, and who you belong to.  Your creator makes no mistakes.  He sees you and think you’re wonderfully made.  You were made in HIS image.  How fascinating is that?? He loves your flaws and think they’re BEAUTIFUL. What we label ugly,  unusable, and worthless God can use to bring himself glory.  That’s what it’s all about anyway right? Right!😏😊

So instead of focusing on everything you’re not.. embrace everything you are! Instead of looking at yourself through the lens of self hurt, lies from Satan and his little messengers retrain your thoughts. Take those negative thoughts captive and make them be in alignment with God’s word.

Tips to consider:

1) Look in the mirror and speak affirmations to yourself (Hey, it sounds crazy 🤷🏾‍♀️but it works🙄)

2) Retrain your thoughts with God’s word. The only way to know who you are and what you posses is to seek your creator

3) Sepereate yourself from any negative people. If you stay around people who constantly puts you down they will continue suppressing the work you’re doing to escape from old mindset you carried

4) Pray! Yes, pray! Ask God to remove anything in you that doesn’t please Him. Ask Him to show you who you are and why you were created. He’s such a loving Father that he’ll send people your way to confirm what He speaks.

5) Allow yourself to feel beautiful and confident. Contrary to popular belief.. just because you’re confident and walk with your held high doesn’t mean you’re conceited. It’s a beautiful thing when God sets you free from bondage. Walk boldly yet HUMBLE in that freedom He gives you.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and my prayer is that you evaluate the way you see yourself and what you label flaws. Be confident in the way you were created. God makes no mistakes. Embrace YOU, SHINE bright, and light this world up.

I love you all so much